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Affordable World Class Online Tutoring In
Math, Physics, Chemistry

We are committed to providing the very best tutoring to your child. We understand that every child has a different learning style. Our Academic Directors will therefore talk to you personally, as often as required, to understand your child’s tutoring requirements, to monitor his/her progress and to know your satisfaction levels.

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Affordable and Convenient. No commuting, no tight schedules. Our online math tutoring program provides you world class tutoring from the convenience of your home at your convenient schedule. Pricing as low as $13.5/hour ensures huge savings for you.

Interactive Tutoring. The one on one tutoring sessions are interactive and fun filled. Children love the interactive whiteboard and VoIP communication. It is as good as being face to face with the tutor.

Qualified Tutors. All our online math tutors hold Graduate or Masters Degree. They are extremely effective in the way they provide online math help. They undergo stringent training on our teaching methods and technology before they are hired for offering online math tutoring..

ISO 9001:2000. Our ISO certification guarantees you International Quality in our tutoring services our educational products and all our internal processes.

Overnite Solution. Stuck with a problem? Need math homework help? Need to submit an assignment in a hurry? Use our 'Overnite Solution' feature to send us the problem and the solution will be waiting for you in your email when you wake up next morning. Click here.

The 1-1tutor.com Advantage

• Our highly personalized approach
• Customized Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Tests
• We follow your State Curriculum
• Same tutor all along for your child
• Assured improvement in the child’s grades
• Easy to use technology
• Very affordable pricing
• No Commuting, No Tight Schedules
• Comfort of Home and Your Convenient Time

What Parents Have to Say

When she started your program she was on the verge of failing Algebra. Now, thanks to the knowledge and patience of your on-line tutor, she has raised her grade from somewhere between a D and an F to a C and is expecting to progress even further…..


Subjects Offered
Math SAT
Elementary School Math
Middle School Chemistry
Algebra I,II Physics
Trigonometry Chemistry-High School
Geometry Physics-High School
Pre Calculus  
AP Calculus  

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